6 Anime Like Black Lagoon [Recommendations]

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So if you’ve watched Black Lagoon and enjoyed it, with the fairly unique setting and great action it has made an impact on all of us, we will assume that you would love to see some more.

But if you’ve already seen the omake or the “Roberta’s Blood Trail” OVA, we would recommend looking into these anime.

Similar Anime to Black Lagoon

1. Hellsing Ultimate

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: Feb. 2006 - Dec. 2012

The secret organization Hellsing is being led by Integra Wingates Hellsing in a battle against supernatural beings threatening the safety of Britain, and at the helm of Integra’s army we the man only known as Alucard. He happens to be her most trusted and capable soldier and vampire exterminator who also happen to be a vampire himself.

A story about an organization taking on the jobs that others are not able to handle. And as the story progress we get to know more and more about Alucard and his connection to the Hellsing family. This team of characters doing odd jobs creates a really similar feel to Black Lagoon in a more supernatural and epic way.

Hellsing Ultimate – IX & X – Coming Soon – Trailer

2. Gungrave

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Oct. 2003 - Mar. 2004

Brandon Heat used to be a regular street punk until one day when he gets involved with Millennion, the biggest most powerful mafia syndicate around. Together with his only remaining friend Harry McDowel they climb the ranks of the organization, but eventually Brandon finds out the true purpose of Millennion and things go really wrong. A great story about these two friends finding their way in the brutal mafia world, and what goes on beyond it as well.

The mafia setting and the relationship between the characters that you see building and breaking over time makes for an excellent story that eventually leads into complete insanity.

And don’t let this explanation confuse you when watching the first episodes, this is all true.

3. Baccano

  • Episodes: 16 (including 3 DVD extras that continues the story)
  • Aired: Jul. 2007 - Nov. 2007

We follow our characters traveling on the transcontinental train the “Flying Pussyfoot” going on a long journey that will leave a great trail of blood across the country. But at the same time we also get a glimpse into what’s going on in New York where an immortality elixir finally has been created. A war between some of the mafia has broken out. And what is going on, on board the Advena Avis, in 1711?

Even though it doesn’t seem to make any rhyme or reason of the story it’s telling us with these seemingly unrelated events Baccano opens up a huge story about the mafia, immortals and dead bodies piling up on with the “Rail-Tracer” on the loose. A plethora of characters, each with unique and colorful personalities makes for a great time that you won’t forget soon.

Any Animes Like Black Lagoon?

4. Cowboy Bebop

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Apr. 1998 - Apr. 1999

Follow Spike and Jet a former cyborg cop who started a bounty hunting operation together, as they travel through the galaxy in their trusted ship the Bebop searching for criminals with high bounties on their heads. Through their travels they stumble across a bunch of interesting characters, like “Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, Edward” or just Ed for short, the young genius hacker and the unusually intelligent dog, Ein.

In this futuristic world we really do follow what could be considered a future version of Black Lagoon with the space combat and the small but extremely potent team of odd characters. This is considered a classic and one of the best anime of all time by many, and it really deserves the praise it’s gotten. Even if you weren’t a fan of Black Lagoon this show will give you your times worth.

Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Movie) Official Trailer

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5. Darker than Black
[Japanese Name: Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha]

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr. 2007 - Sep. 2007

Hei is one among many psychics with special powers who emerged in the world around 10 years ago. But with this power they also lose a big part of their humanity and most of them succumb to going into hiding or start working for one of the many shady agencies around the world.

Now this is an incredibly confusing and fun show. Keep watching as everything and nothing is explained about the world you are experiencing with this seemingly “emotionless” main character and his associates. A great adventure with lots of action that really has the same feel as Black Lagoon with its more easygoing segments and really dark moments that will let you know that it’s nice a nice world they’re living in.

Darker than Black Official PV (You can find a video in the below official link)


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6. Gintama

  • Episodes: 201(+51+13)
  • Aired: Apr. 2006 - Mar. 2010(Apr. 2011 - Mar. 2012, Oct. 2012 - Mar. 2013 )

Follow Gintoki Sakata, the leader of an odd-jobs agency who will do basically anything if you offer them money. In the world of feudal Japan which has been taken over completely by aliens, and basically thrown into the next millennia without any warning all the former Samurai has to find a new way to live their life.

This anime is real comedy with a bunch of action and also some few serious moments strewn about to forward the overarching storyline. But with a huge cast of hilarious and interesting characters we see how good humans can be at adapting to the new life, whether they like it or not in one of the most entertaining animes you will find out there.

Gintama Official PV (Gintama Movie 2)

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