6 Anime like Ghost Hunt [Recommendations]

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Ghost Hunt

A horror Shoujo based around supernatural mysteries occurring across Japan is being investigated by the Shibuya Psychic Research Center. Mai Taniyama finds herself tangled into their world after accidentally breaking a video camera that was being used by the SPR. Leading up to a chain of events that resulted in Lin Koujo, who is the assistant of Kazuya Shibuya, getting injured to save Mai. Because of this Kazuya demands for Mai to take responsibility by becoming his assistant.

This anime is a good fit for horror and supernatural fans as it has a good mix of mystery, ghosts, and a small romance going on in the background. While some of the complexity from the manga has been changed to appeal to a wider audience, this is still a great anime to watch for its detective style and eerie twilight zone music.

Similar Anime to Ghost Hunt

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1. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (Occult Academy)

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin dvd
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 6, 2010 –September 27, 2010

The heroine of this anime is Maya Kumashiro, the headstrong, no nonsense daughter of the former Headmaster of Waldstein Academy. Maya had just begrudgingly returned to the academy to succeed her father and get her revenge. However, her plans to destroy the academy change when she reluctantly teams up with Fumiaki Uchida.

Fumiaki explained that he had been sent back to 1999 from 2012 to prevent the apocalypse foretold in the Nostradamus Prophecy that would be brought about by the Nostradamus Key. After hearing out his plea for help, the two set out to find and destroy the Nostradamus Key in order to prevent this impending doom.

Occult Academy centers around the strange events taking place in their world. Maya definitely handles the mysteries going on around her quite well, and makes this anime not only stand out for its supernatural theme, but for presenting an intelligent and strong female Lead. Not to mention, the dark and gothic vibes with other interesting characters and creepy school, makes this anime go well with Ghost Hunt!

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin Teaser

2. Kyogoku Natsuhiko Kosetsu Hyaku Monogatari (Requiem from the Darkness)

Requiem from the Darkness dvd
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 3, 2003 –December 26, 2003

The story follows the misadventures of a would-be author Momosuke, who is writing a collection of 100 ghost stories and his encounters with the Ongyou. The Ongyou are a mysterious group of three supernatural detectives that investigate and solve mysteries in order to bring about their idea of justice.

Requiem from the Darkness does an excellent job of introducing and explaining Japanese folklore. Plus, the vivid use of colors and camera angles along with an unique art style make this anime a good choice for fans of Ghost Hunt want a darker story with a mix of mystery, supernatural creatures, suspense, and Japanese culture in an Edo time period.

Requiem from the Darkness

3. Mushishi

mushishi dvd
  • Episodes: 20
  • Aired: April 5, 2014 –December 21, 2014

Mushishi’s music, by the same composer as Ghost Hunt, offers more difficult and complex themes as the mysterious and paranormal events taking place around the main character set a more serious tone, and is very thought provoking.

While the plot revolves around Ginko, a wandering “mushishi” who is the type of person who specializes in dealing with primitive spirits called, “mushi”, and other types of supernatural creatures. As Ginko goes from town to town, he investigates cases and helps those affected by mushi.

Mushishi Vol. 1 Trailer

Any Animes Like Ghost Hunt! ?

4. Rental Magica

rental magica dvd1
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 7, 2007 –March 23, 2008

Right off the bat, this anime gives a similar setting and theme as Ghost Hunt with its magician dispatch service. Plus, it also has some playful, action packed, episodes with a little bit of comedy and romance mixed in. This anime changes directions a lot so each episode concludes itself, and the next one tells a different chain of events. Also, the character designs and powers of the main characters are extremely similar.

The story takes places after Itsuki Iba father mysteriously vanishes and he has to take over the family’s business: a magician dispatch service that handles all the things that go bump in the night, along with daytime spooks and spirits.

Rental Magica - AX 2009 Trailer

5. Shiki

  • Episodes: 22 + 2 DVD specials
  • Aired: July 8, 2010 –December 30, 2010

This anime is from same creator as Ghost Hunt and also has a supernatural and mysterious plot with horror, drama, twist, and plenty of gore. The story takes place in a small town where 15 year old Natsuno Yuuki an anti-social and rather cold boy starts to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that begin to spread in the village at the same time as a strange family moves into a long-abandoned mansion.

Toshio Ozaki the director of the only hospital in the town believes he has a frightening epidemic on his hands as more and more people keep dying but as he continues to research the cause he finds that the deaths are caused by “shiki”, vampire like creatures.

Shiki Trailer Summer 2010 [ENG SUB]

6. Mononoke

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 12, 2007 –September 27, 2007

Another visually stunning supernatural and mystery anime that also has a touch of horror mixed in that is a must watch for Ghost Hunt fans who love traditional Japanese monsters as well anime with great art. Plus, the main character himself is a mysterious man only referred to as the "Medicine Seller".

The Medicine Seller tries to discover the truth behind the appearance of Mononoke, evil spirits remain in the human world in order to slay them. He must use his expertise in supernatural and paranormal activity to uncover the only clue that comes from each Mononoke’s bizarre behavior in order to rid the world of it.

Mononoke Trailer: "A Definate Must-See!!"

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These 6 anime were selected to provide a good mix of amazing art and complex mysteries, along with a few light hearted plots that are all similar to Ghost Hunt. Each series does an excellent job of setting up their mysteries and neatly wraps them up at the end, so viewers won’t be left out in the dark while learning more about Japanese folklore.

Anime lovers of good mysteries won’t be disappointed by any of these anime and my personal 2 favorites, Mononoke and Requiem from the Darkness, are visual masterpieces that I strongly recommended for anime fans who also want to study color theory and enjoy a good eerie mystery.

by Fenix D’Joan