Original Anime about an Anime Club Anime-Gataris Announced for Fall


Slice of Life, School

Airing Date:
Fall 2017

WAO World

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Minoa Asagaya has just entered into Saganeko Private Academy. In spite of the fact that Minoa is brand new to anime, her classmate Arisu Kamiigusa drags her along in hopes of establishing an anime research club. Because of her classmate Miko Kouenji and senpai who are interested in anime, Minoa gradually is sucked into the world of anime. While the anime research club fights against an obstinate student council that recommends their disbandment, and not realizing that the world is approaching destruction, today too, they discuss anime in the club room, in Akihabara, at holy places, and at hot springs.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Minoa Asagaya

Voice Actor: Kaede Hondo

Arisu Kamiigusa

Voice Actor: Sayaka Senbongi

Miko Kouenji

Voice Actor: Hisako Toujou


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: DMM.futureworks, W-Toon Studio
  • Director: Kenshirou Morii
  • Series Composition: Mitsutaka Hirota
  • Character Design: Soushi Kinutani
  • Animation Director: Soushi Kinutani

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