Anime Music Mondays [Weekly Chart 10/17/2016]


What You Need to Know:

  • Welcome to a brand new Anime Music Mondays! We will be taking a look at the freshest songs realted to anime that are selling on the oricon charts in Japan. The oricon charts are akin to the billboard charts in the west.
  • Last week was a bit of a reduction as summer shows dwindled and it was too early to release songs for fall anime.
  • That changes this week as one idol anime for fall brought out it's ED now and it has done well. It charted within the top 10 singles for the week! Take a look below at what it is and hopefully more will be out soon!

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Top Songs and Shows!

1. Maji LOVE Legend Star by ST☆RISH (Uta no Prince-sama♪ 4th Season (Legend Star) ED) (7th)


Source: Oricon Ranking Charts

honey's anime character
I think I am going to be sick...

honey's anime character
Ooooooo~ The pretty boys of Uta no Prince-sama! So early and yet I am so happy!
honey's anime character
When is the OP out? I NEED IT!

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