Anime Music Mondays [Weekly Chart 10/23/2016]


What You Need to Know:

  • It's time to get some new music in your life. New season of anime; new music! Welcome to Anime Music Mondays!
  • Last week was an utter disappointment as only one song was on the chart. This week however is another story!
  • One artist actually charts twice, some pretty boys round out the top and we are in the business. Sound! Euphonium, Uta no Prince-sama, Ajin and more have charted this week, so let's get to it!

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Top Songs and Shows!

7. Soundscape by TRUE (Miho Karasawa) (Sound! Euphonium 2nd Season OP) (29th)

6. Ningen Video by The Dresscodes (GANTZ:0 The Movie Theme Song) (26th)

5. Maji LOVE Legend Star by ST☆RISH (Uta no Prince-sama♪ 4th Season (Legend Star) ED) (18th)


4. The Birth by Mamoru Miyano (Ajin The Third Movie Theme Song) (9th)

3. Hanamaru◎Biyori by Mitsuhiro Ichiki & Toshiki Masuda (Touken Ranbu Hanamaru OP) (8th)

2. Tempest by Mamoru Miyano (Uta no Prince-sama♪ 4th Season (Legend Star) OP) (5th)

1. Panorama by Kanjani∞ (Monster Hunter Stories Theme Song) (1st)


Source: Oricon Ranking Charts

honey's anime character
Uggghhhhhhhh Last week was utapri and now it's Kanjani.... At least the new Ajin song is out.

honey's anime character
Miyano Mamoru~~~~~ Be still my beating heart for two singles have been released.
honey's anime character
Touken Ranbu Hanamaru is finally here!!! yay!!!!