24 Year Old Steals 300 School Swimsuits?!

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    My Neighbour Toronto


    So apparently there was this 24-year-old guy in Japan who gold a hold of around 300 female tracksuits and school swimsuits (middle school ones). He got arrested the other day, and his excuse was that "I just wanted lots of kids' clothes!"

    He's facing something like 5 paragraphs-worth of charges, so he might get significant jail time. Just wondering what the people of Honey's Anime think of this. What kind of punishment do you think he should get??




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    Wkwkwkw, he's said he wanted a lots of kids clothes.
    so, we can give him the opposite of what he desire.
    for example, jail him with aton of adult swimwsuits, wkwkwkwkw.

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      Toby Ackerman

      Lol! Even just the adult swimsuits might be enough punishment for him.

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