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    --- Spoilers Below ---

    So it really feels like this week's episode of Charlotte was completely to set up things for the last episode. Let's hope they can pull off a great ending.

    Charlotte Episode 12 Recap:

    Yuu awakens to find himself strapped to a hospital bed, still vulnerable to activating his collapse power under his mental stress. He's calmed down, but is shocked to learn of Kumagami's death. Later, his sister and friends visit him in turn.

    Yuu goes to see his brother on the roof, and when he returns to his room, he sees Tomori waiting there. He asks her what he should do to help solve everything, and she tells him that the only way is for him to plunder all the abilities in the world. He sets out to do just that, and starts by taking her ability.

    Yuu discusses his plan with his brother and the rest of the group. They are shocked, but ultimately believe in him to succeed. After Yuu takes Yusa and Takajou's powers, he gets ready to leave, when he's met with Tomori one last time.

    Thoughts/comments on the episode? Leave them below!

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    fullmetal chemist

    I wonder how much time Yuu has left with his powers. Maybe 18 is the cut off age?

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      awel coffee

      I think he will die!

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        Nah, there's no way he can die. He'll just keep gathering powers until he's a god!

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        Yeah man, so many people would be pissed if he got killed off.

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    I thought this episode was absolutely amazing, I loved everything between Yuand Tomari, the only problem I can see is that I don't know where they can go with this to where the other characters stay relevant. If I really love an anime I don't want to read the manga but I might have to for this one just because I want Yu and Tomari to be together and save everyone.

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      omu raisu

      I'm gonna have to agree with you. The pacing throughout the whole anime has been weird, and I really think the anime needs 22-26 episodes to do all the characters justice. Some characters like Yusarin and Takajou just seem like throwaway sidekicks by now. They hardly get any screen time aside from comedic relief, even though they were on all the key visuals.

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      Unfortunately, Anthony, this anime is not based off of any sort of manga as far as I am aware. It's an original work, meaning it's just the anime that we can go off of. I loved this episode, and I'm eager to see what happens in the last one. Maybe we'll get a second season?

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        omu raisu

        Well, there is a manga adaptation, but since it's not the original work, it's pretty much as you said. If things don't end well, we can only hope for another season.

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    Interesting. I had always figured that there wasn't one in existence. What's the difference and what makes the anime distinct from the manga, if it is at all, if you don't mind my asking?

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      omu raisu

      I actually don't know that much about it either. Just that it exists. I think it's pretty much just an exact mirror of the events in the anime... lol

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