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    --- Spoilers Below ---

    So we've finally reached the end of the line with Charlotte. It was a great show, with some questionable pacing at times, but overall, P.A. Works did a pretty good job.


    Charlotte Episode 13 Recap:

    Yuu sets off on his journey to plunder all the powers in the world. At first, he has some trouble with his English, but soon gets used to the routine. He's embarrassed to hear the new nicknames people start to give him after a while.

    After covering most of southern Asia, Yuu finds himself in a few truly dangerous situations. He's shot at, goes berserk in his sleep, and is starting to forget about anything related to Tomori and the promise they made.

    Under the burden of thousands of powers, Yuu is just about going insane, and almost decides on conquering the world. He sees the booklet he got from Tomori, and kicks it aside, though he regrets this.
    He finally locates the last power user in Beijing, but is pretty much out of energy and willpower. He almost is taken down, but is saved by the one he was looking for.
    When things are about to get bad again, Shunsuke and the others come to his rescue.

    Yuu awakens in a hospital room with Tomori next to him. However, he can't remember who she is, or what relationship it is they share. She assures him that she is his lover, and he is eventually reunited with everyone while he recovers.


    So what do you guys think? How would you rate the series overall?

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    sekigan no ghoul

    I'd give this anime maybe 7.5 out of 10. The premise and all that was great and all, but the whole thing just felt rushed.

    I mean, journeying across the entire world in one episode? you can thank them for trying to make it work at least.

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    They really should've made this anime into 2 seasons. there's so much I could say about wasted potential here...

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    Hey, at least our brave hero let Kumagami stay dead and used some crap excuse like "I can't bend human rules any more". He's responsible for him dying, and he made a choice not to prevent it. He murdered Kumagami. Deal with it.

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    I loved the ending, think about it sure a whole season could have been dedicated for Yu going around the world but now we can have a whole season dedicated to Yu and his friends having to deal with his actions as the grim reaper and coming together as a family and more internal struggles for example Yu wanting to leave everyone so that way they won't be harmed plus Tomari had excellent character development she could have easily not mentioned their promise but chose to become his lover! I am praying out of all the summer anime that this one recieves a second season!

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      I get what you're saying, but I don't even think they set it up for a second season.

      Instead, they just wrapped everything up quickly, and it just leaves you with that incomplete feeling. Where you want a second season, but you know deep down they won't give you one.

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        Personally, I felt that cramming the whole tour and ability reaping into one episode was the right choice. I highly doubt that many people would actually enjoy watching him spend several episodes on it.

        First and foremost, there's nothing much to do left at this point. Sure, making him interact with side characters like RPG side quests might work but then you won't be able to focus on the main characters and story.

        If they wanted to do so, it would be more like an OVA or it would be much better making a new season and focus in the whole season on it...if they have the budget and an interesting plot for that overused filler to reel viewers in.

        It also means that Tomori would end up downgrading into a side character with hardly any screen a certain formerly badass wife of a main character we all know as Asuna...

        Plus, if you had ever had the determination to even try watching one of those long running anime, chances are, you skip the episodes featuring trainings with absolutely no actual impact on the plot. It's basically a montage that's wasting...I don't know...half an hour of your life? Maybe even more if you never skip the openings.

        Still, the show was great. I loved the artwork, especially with the eyes. And we all know those random YouTube comments saying: "the bus on the feels trip goes round and round..." I had to tell my parents I was cutting onions in my room when I was watching all 13 episodes in one go. Told the most unbelievable lie in my life.

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        I feel like there were some things they could have expanded on without it feeling dragged out. For example, episode 7, when Yuu went on his rampage, could have easily been 2 episodes, and it would have felt like more of a journey.
        They could have included a couple of episodes where it was him trying to recover from that rampage, instead of just being A-OK the next episode.

        Sure, if done wrong, it could have felt dragged out, but even that would have been better than the sloppy, jerky pace that they already went with.

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    The series was rushed IMO, surely S2 would not happen, although the potential of it becoming a profitable anime is huge, Maeda-sama seems to not mind this. Though an OVA with Yu and Nao getting their first kiss as a couple or showing their progress as a couple would be nice. Overall the ending was a bit nice, it lacks a bit more of the romance part but it I guess it doesn't matter since Charlotte was not meant to be a romance anime. I'd rate the anime about 8.5-9.5/10. P.S.(I'd like also the OVA to hint at a possible S2, and the yu x nao kiss 😀 )

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      I agree with you on the OVA. I would like to see one sometime. But it's not likely.
      I think your rating might be a bit high though, considering half the characters were pretty much not important at all. XD

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    I do agree with you all. The psychological side of the anime was very entertaining and the dilemmas Yuu faced were good ones. but the finale should have been wrapped up at least in two episodes! After plundering all those powers, it was a total waste of potentials!
    Charlotte had potentials and I hope to see a reborn of it in some years with more developments, or at least spin-offs, like that another Charlotte crossing by Earth, let's say, in Medieval times.

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      Having an anime set in Medieval times would be really cool. I don't think we've ever seen anything like that.

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