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    Getting an anime enthusiast friends into anime is rewarding but can sometimes be rather difficult. Weighing each persons own hobbys and likes to try and get them into the universe of anime is at times trying. Thus i was wondering what some of my fellow otakus recommend to use for gateway animes to get friends into this lovely hobby of ours?

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    I'm gonna say you want shows that are fairly quickly gratifying. With action, and/or a plot that gets viewers hooked.

    Some I can think of would be:

    Samurai Champloo
    Code Geass
    FMA (either, but probably Brotherhood)
    Ao no Exorcist (depends on the person)
    Hetalia (teenage girl? then this may be gateway lol)
    Attack on Titan (mainstream as hell, but I stand by this)
    Kuroko no Basuke/Haikyuu (for those sports fans)

    That would be all anime I think many people are likely to enjoy, so try giving those ones to your friends and see what happens!

    If I helped, let me know. If I didn't help... still let me know. XD

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    I´d say Attack on Titan, because it is so exciting. For a beginner, a good mainstream anime is best, I think.
    Also Sword Art Online.
    And maybe Elfen Lied if people can deal with blood ^^

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    I personally always start smart and choose a movie. Most likely a Miyazaki film (Spirited Away), but I have come across some that say anime are cartoons and why would they have interest in it. In that case, I usually ask them what genre of movies or shows they like to watch and go from there.
    I've been very successful with showing series from AoT, FLCL, Cowboy Bebop, Psycho-Pass, Guren Lagann, The Irregular at Magic High School, Toradora!, Kids on a Slope, Clannad, and Gintama. So far, those have been pretty great gateways, IMO.

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    「make them watch, various of acti0ns,, with ecchi genre, for sure, they will be h0oked up.. ^^」

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