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    Going into this week's episode expecting the worse, the fact that no one else died yet was welcome.

    Gakkou Gurashi Episode 11 Recap:


    Yuki starts to come to her senses, but almost gets injured from a zombie. Fortunately, Yuki is able to make it over to Miki and save her just in time. She finally acts as a senpai when she is calming her down:

    Miki realizes she needs to get the medicine for Kurumi fast, so she goes on the offensive. Meanwhile, Yuuri is struggling with her promise to kill Kurumi if she ever got infected. Miki is surrounded and uses the CD player to draw them away:

    Miki finally makes it to Megu-nee, and after talking to her, is able to finish her off. She discovers the room with the medicine, but is trapped by a flood of zombies:

    Yuki works up the courage to go help Miki, and is guided along by Megu-nee. Yuki is finally able to say goodbye to her old teacher, and is prepared to anything to help her friends:

    Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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    Toby Ackerman

    Other than Yuki daydreaming about Megu-nee for half the ep, it was alright.

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      high hulk

      I guess they do drag on Yuki's part too long, but if she can be awesome next ep, then I think it's worth it.

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    I just wanna see Yuki kick some ass.

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    uh oh-kun

    When I saw that sheet on Kurumi, I thought she had already turned, and was put down... o.o If she's still struggling, don't you think she might need some air...?

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