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    Clannad A.S
    Hi!!!! (new to this) so i just sat down and re-watched Clannad after storys( The FEELS ARE REAL) been looking for and anime to top it.. or a least be good.

    on a side note
    is a list of animes i've have watched, still updating forgot some of names of animes that i have watched and haven't added them yet

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    Hey Vashdevalis, welcome to the forum!
    Hmm. You're asking a very hard question! lol

    I don't know if much else can top it, and it seems you've already seen a lot of the good classics, but a few come to mind:

    Suisei no Gargantia
    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
    Shigatsu wa Kimi ni Uso

    None of them are better than Clannad After Story (sadly), but you might enjoy them almost as much!

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      Thanks and and yes its hard to top such a good anime! ill be taking a look at your suggestions thanks a lot.

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    Yeah! Clannad After Story is most tear-inducing anime ever... I can list only Anohana in terms of something that will make you cry as much but surely enough, you already watched it.
    So, how about "Nagi no Asukara", "Shin sekai yori" and "Oremonogatari".
    "Nagi no Asukara" and "Shin sekai yori" are romantic fantasy anime. You can enjoy watching the characters growing up with love and being apart. Both BGM are so great like Clannad.
    "Oremonogatari" is rom-com anime. The guy and girl are so interesting, and the way they are when dating is so heartwarming.

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      I agree for "Nagi no asukara" It really is a great storyline.

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    I suggest this anime . I've watched this and it is very interesting ^^

    1.Kimi ni Todoke
    4.Ao Haru Ride
    6.Nagi No Asukara
    8.Mahaouka koukou no rettosei
    9.Kaichou wa maid sama
    11.Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
    12.Shigatsu wa kimi no uso
    14.Special A

    I list it randomly ( not by which one is the best ) it is random and for me all of this is a great anime .

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    i want to thank everyone for the help! been watching alot of the animes you guys have been telling me about. still going strong thanks everyone!!! ~ Vash

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      Hey-! I have been having so much trouble finding a good anime. I have watched every top anime video and I still can't find anything. The storyline doesn't have to be the same, but I'm looking for something that has the same feel as toradora. It is my favorite school life drama anime. Thanks!!!!!

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        You might want to watch Golden Time. It shares the same creator as Toradora, so I think you'll see some similarities. Though, each has its own distinct story of course.

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    What your favorite genre of anime?

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    Elysia Jewel

    hmm... maybe you've watched them, but I would like to recommend them to you. By the way, I hate heartwarming or sad storylines cause i would repeatedly think about it and may suddenly cry in public

    1. Assassination Classroom
    2. No Game No Life
    3. Riddle Story of Devil
    4. The Familiar of Zero
    5. Prison School
    6. Highschool DxD
    7. Date A Live
    8. Diabolik Lovers

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      I see High School DxD recommended a lot, but to me it just seems like a generic mediocre ecchi anime.

      Is there really anything that sets it apart?

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