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    007 Nikki Flores

    One Punch Man
    Ep 1: Man is tired of being annoyed so he kills everything in one punch.
    Ep 2: A long winded cyborg worships the bald punch buddah.

    Comet Lucifer
    Ep 1: Clueless boy forgets lunch bread to play with some crystals and ends up in a love triangle between a woman and an elementary school girl who could possibly be a mech.
    Ep 2: Crystal girl learns her words and becomes instantly attracted to clueless boy to annoy pretty girl. Also mechs.

    Young Black Jack
    Ep 1: Weird zombie/frankenstein medical student performs his first surgery perfectly while reliving his own past only to be spit in the face.
    Ep 2: Miracle doctor owes loan shark money so he's kidnapped and forced to perform a heart transplant, but instead recreates face/off.

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    Lloyd Gill

    I saw Comet Lucifer ep 1, but not 2 yet. Based on your review for episode 2, I just know I won't like it... lol

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      I wouldn't even care if the main character had several girls liking him, if he was actually interesting. I felt no connection to him whatsoever. Like, he could die, and I wouldn't even care. That's how you know you failed at making a good main C.

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    The first time I watched Comet Lucifer nothing much appealed to me. I especially hate typical Loli's so it was a no-go for me. Never watched Young Black Jack, never tried to.

    As for One Punch Man, the anime is purely comedy so the "silly"-ness should be overlooked. And overall, it's a really funny anime with great animation (Because, Madhouse. Duh) and I highly recommend it if you're bored/got no other anime to watch/high

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