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    050 zeke changuris

    I do understand how Robotech was an “Americanization” of Macross and that they started off as the same show. But, the two of them diverge greatly and after watching all of Robotech and many, many episodes of Macross I have come to the opinion that Robotech is the better show. I like the unified storyline, less emphasis on how “singing” will save the world and the idea of it having a generational connection as we follow the families through the arc of the story. What do you think?

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    Having only really watched Macross, I fully understand how there's a bit too much focus on the music aspect, but I think that's part of the show's charm. For instance, the songs from Macross F still stick with me, and pump me up at karaoke and stuff.

    So for me, I'd say Macross is more enjoyable.

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    I have never watched more than a few random minutes here and there. My opinion hg did not create robotech they adapted Macross. Nearly every thing they have was taken from an existing franchise. Every toy, game, animation, artwork, characters everything based on the three sagas was made without any effort from hg except for dubing, re-naming, replacing music, labelling certain characters from saga to saga as relatives as if to maintain past characters as still relevant, and sell and re-sell for 30+ years without creating so much as one or more new transforming robots of their own design for animation, toy or model sales and video games. They claim to have a movie deal that has already changed hands. Until I see a confirmed movie trailer from the studio producing it I won't believe it. Hg has already had more than enough time to produce their own original in house designed material and bring it to market. I will not wait 3 to 30 more years for hg to catch up with other similar franchises that others have created and expanded on to date. I'm sorry but 30 years of stagnation is a bad business model.

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