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    The Analog Child

    I have honestly seen a lot of anime in my life, so much, that you begin to realize that some characters voices done by their seiyuu’s are rather unfit for the character.
    A great example would be Goku’s voice from Dragon Ball Z! He’s a character that is very powerful and happens to be one of the strongest beings in the known universe. No one can beat him. But, when I heard his Japanese voice for the first time after watching the English Dubbed version, it was probably the most girly voice I have ever heard.
    I was recently reminded how characters in anime can have such a voice when I saw one of the newest episodes of One Piece! You all know who I’m talking about! Pica! As big and buff as he is, not to mention his power, he had the sissiest voice I have ever heard!
    I literally had liquids gushing out my nose when I heard his voice! LOL! It was great!
    So, I ask any of you, what was the funniest, girliest, or down right unfitting voice you have ever heard from an anime character? I’m really curious to know what anyone thinks about this?!

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