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    anime con

    Embarrassingly enough, I've actually never been to an anime convention, even though there's a pretty big one every year in my home city.

    I'll probably go this year (or even to Comiket 89 since I'm in Japan now), but I was kind of curious to know what conventions other people went to first.

    Did you go to smaller local ones? Or straight to the big boys like Comic Con?

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    The Dessert Witch

    Does dragon con count?

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      Of course it does! Where's it held though?

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    Zeke Changuris

    Tekko in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania followed up that year bye Otakon in Baltimore. I had great fun at both. The panels were amazing. I had great fun at both. The panels were amazing. The panel on women in Anime at Otakon was especially good.

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      I think I remember hearing about that panel. I forgot what they talked about though. Like, specifically.

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    I naturally went to a big con in LA for the first time with wife (girlfriend at the time), it was Anime Expo. That expo is the largest one in the states for anime and was really cool! Best experience I ever had and continuously went 7 years in a row. Anime Expo was a gateway for other cons which I attended and due to my job at the time being a writers for a video game site, I was able to go to many. SDCC, Wonder Con, PAX Prime, E3, A-Kon, Otakon, NYCC, and more.
    Now that I'm in Japan, there's AnimeJapan, Comiket, Tokyo Game Show, and some others which I can't quite remember at the moment. But I do recommend all of these as they are some of the best and so much fun! Granted, E3 is more for the industry, but there are still tickets which the public can acquire. The price is outrageous but I'm sure there are some who would save up just to attend. But in Japan, AnimeJapan, Comimket, and Tokyo Game Show are awesome and very reasonable in price.
    Oh, I remember the other con, it's JumpFesta and it's actually in 2 weeks on Dec 19-20. So if you're in Japan, I highly recommend checking that out! It's in Chiba at Makuhari Messe!
    Have fun!

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