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    Osomatsu san DVD

    So, when I started watching Osomatsu-san, I thought that it would be really hard to tell all 6 brothers apart from one another. Thankfully, they each have such different personalities and voice actors, that that hasn't been a problem XD

    I think my favourite brother would have to be Choromatsu. I mean, even just for his voice actor (who doesn't love Kamiya-sensei?) That said, I do appreciate the other characters for what they bring to the table.

    But which brother do you guys like?

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    I love all of the brothers! So it's a bit hard to choose between all 6 of them. Though if I had to only pick one I guess it'd be Todomatsu , the youngest brother? Haha. There's just something oddly endearing about him (It's because his mouth is always a '3' really). Actually to be fair, ALL of the brothers have that odd endearing charm. Choromatsu is a tsukkomi, Jyushimatsu is lovable because he's such a dork, Ichimatsu and his bedhead + love of cats , Karamatsu and his failing flirty attempt and Osomatsu's all around weirdness. Hahaha.

    Everyone's VAs did such an amazing job in making their characters distinct from one another! Though at first, I kind of mixed Nakamura's Karamatsu and FukuJun's Ichimatsu.

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      I love your reasons for liking each of them! I couldn't agree more with you that the voice actors do a great job making each character unique!

      FukuJun has a really deep voice when voicing Ichimatsu (unlike his usual roles), so maybe that's why you mixed him and Karamatsu up at first. I kinda did too.

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    Ahh, honestly it's kind of hard to choose. All of them are likable in their own way, I think. I really do love them all, a whole bunch. But,,, if I have to choose my favorites...

    Karamatsu is probably my 1# favorite. He's really such a dork and I love seeing him come onto the show. I wish he'd get treated a bit better, haha. I don't really have 'super' good reasons for liking him, but I find him pretty funny and it's probably a mix of pity(?) as well. He's a cool guy. I think he'd be fun to hang out with.

    Jyushimatsu is probably my 2nd favorite. I really love his outgoing personality and how 'weird' he is. He seems very caring too, which is nice. Again, I may not have the best reasons for why I like the characters that I do. Aha. Very cute character though.

    Choromatsu and Todomatsu are at a tie, and Ichimatsu and Osomatsu are my least favorites. (Doesn't mean I hate them though. I really do like them, just not as much as I do with the rest.)

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    Choromatsu is hilarious, but because I relate to Jyushimatsu (not because of his only friends being cats, but because he's naturally a loner) I'd pick him.

    I'd also agree with Enidean's reasons on why each of the bros are likeable.

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    Otaku-chan (◕‿◕)♡


    ESPECIALLY after this episode :

    SoBS// He's such a happy-go-lucky character that when the second half of episode 9 comes along, the feel train hits you HARD ((in such a SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME)) when you see him heart broken . IT LITERALLY BROKE MY KOKORO AS WELL . (ノД`)

    Screenshot of Jyushimatsu  C R Y I N G  from Ep. 9


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    At the begining it was Jyushimatsu and then Ichimatsu,
    but after see how much Karamatsu worried about his brothers...
    now i´m a karamatsu girl XP

    Haha and at first i used to hated Totty cause I didn´t understand
    if he was with a lot of girls, but now i think he´s cute.
    😀 no much as Karamatsu, but i love all them!

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    i think my favorite would be osomatsu (unpopular opinion i know) karamatsu then jyushimatsu.

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    Even though I love ALL of them more than I love myself, I gotta say that I'm a "Karamatsu-Girl." His personality intrigues me, and I can relate to him in my general life. Ichimatsu is a close second, and the rest are tied. It's hard NOT to love them XD

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    Even though I love ALL of them more than I love myself, I gotta say that I'm a "Karamatsu-Girl." His personality intrigues me, and I can relate to him in my general life. Ichimatsu is a close second, and the rest are tied. It's hard NOT to love them. :3

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    For me, Ichimatsu is the best. Jun Fukuyama...hnnnnnnnnnng ♥
    Then the list goes: Jyushimatsu, Karamatsu, Choromatsu (always in despair), Totty, and Osomatsu.

    I have five brothers, so Osomatsu-san reminded me a lot of growing up with all six of us going wild. Honestly, I probably like the series so much because their personalities are eerily similar to all of my siblings. It's really endearing, actually!

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    I'll have to say that my favorite amongst the Matsus (is that how you say it?) is Choromatsu. I just find him cuter than his brothers for some reason, even though they all look the same :< . Maybe it's his personality.

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