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    The Analog Child

    This will be short. I loved the beginning of the first season to Tokyo Ghoul, but I hated the ending to it. You really get to know Kaneki and the traumatizing situation he went through which transformed him into a completely different person. Going against all that he struggled to keep, his humanity or what ever was left of it. Being tortured in the most insane way made Guantanamo Bay seem like childs play.
    Thank god it was only in an anime series.
    The ending to season one was disappointing in a way that it had no closure, really. He overcame Jason, broke free, and ate him. That's a great victory, but that's how it ended and it left me hanging wondering what was going to happen next.
    Luckily, season two came out quick, and shed some light on the matter. In my opinion, the first episode of season two, really should've been the ending episode for season one. You then go on to know the rest of the characters in season two, relating to Anteiku and who they were in their past lives. It was nice. But what was the downfall to season two was the rushed story about the ghoul gangs and CCG members.
    All of of sudden, there were many without really explaining why, they had weapons to fight against the ghouls, and the ghouls had an immense amount of people as well battling it out in a war that had no motive but to defeat the other side. For what reason though. Nothing was explained, a lot of characters died, and the ending left it as such, Disappointing. Sure it was touching, but the story didn't satisfy me at all. I can honestly say, season one was way better than season two, but overall the series kind of sucked! All I can get out of it now is a great setup, awesome visual and imaginary situations with nothing to understand as a whole.
    I'm curious if there are others out there who feel the same. If so, what did you think about it. If you thought it was a great show and i'm wrong. Please, explain. I would like to think otherwise but, I doubt it. If a season three came out, I'll watch it with the lowest of expectations, hopefully I won't be disappointed.
    We'll see!

    Peace people!

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    Faiz Wirawan

    i agree with you. season 2 is bad, and the ending is SUCK. i am waiting for the moment when Arima fight with Kaneki, but the ending was different..

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    I agree with you one hundred percent. I thought it was a great show at first, but episode 12 just tore out my heart. And by the time I reached the last episode of season two I was crying uncontrollably.
    I don't mind watching the beginning again, just not the rest. And in my opinion, the first two episodes are the best

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      They did leave a lot out, so hopefully you can change your mind if they make another season!

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      To be honest I was in love with the first series. It had a great plot and left you wondering "hmmm.... what's going to happen next?"But the ending to season one was terrible. It was fun getting to know kaneki and him trying to figure out what happened to him and how to fix things and not try to eat people(lol😅) But the ending I wanted to see (in season 2) was him getting humans and ghouls to live together in harmony and accept each other(tbh that idea pretty much came from kaneki when he was fighting one of the doves and then ended up stabbing his ally in the gut).to sum it all up season 2 was pitiful and had no reasoning or real excitement or anything to keep you watching it(besides the fact that everybody wanted to see what happens I mean who doesn't right?) so I guess it would be safe to say they need to make a Reeboot of season 2 (and only 2) now. because it was furiating how abnochously horrid it was. (If I messed up with some of my writing please excuse me for my ignorance to properly correct it) if anyone wasn't out of there mind and actually watched the entire thing they would side with all the other people of which agree with me and the others who also made this choice.

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    i know rite wtf i was like what happened?

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    Yo, Read This

    The ending of season one ended there because that's where Kaneki took a different path than the manga. This was the natural place for the creators to stop the season.

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    i see your side, though i believe you should have really just read the manga if you want to find out more, and so don't go blaming them for your confusion. i also believe the ending was sad, but the fact you got no closure worked with it. tokyo ghoul is meant to be a schycoligcal look on the mind of a human being turned into a monster, and also on the cruel realities of the world. your favourite character dieing and you having no closure with it is a very small and petty price to pay compared to what other people in the world, both fictional and real. you got it easy my friend. besides, what possibly gives anyone the right to make Kaneki live on? he has been through so much, lost his best friend and so much more, he seemed to welcome death gladly.

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    But the sequel manga of TG is just too good. There are huge developments, excellent battles, and some nice little(and huge) revelations like Kaneki's mom used to hit him,etc

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    ya it totaly blowed never really explained anything at all,just same bs filler ive come to expect lately, wtf happened 90's anime is far better compared to the new gen bs coming out of japan

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    - L o t u s -

    Only seen season 1 and will only watch season 1. Tokyo Ghoul's season 2 is pretty terrible and from what I was told, doesn't follow the manga which I.M.O is pretty lame. /:

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    I thought the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul was dope, but after that, it was just far too whiny and depressing all the way through. The protagonist was a whiny and angsty bitch boy that wasn't even cool in the first or second season. The first season was slightly better than the second season in my opinion. I watched the whole series just so I could have an opinion on it. It's just a dark and depressing story about flesh eating people. I didn't find any of it enjoyable or intriguing, and the songs for the opening and closing sucked ass. It was predictable and the whole thing felt melodramatic. The plot was hard to follow at times, and it seems like it was made for scene kids and teens. Weebs down here love it and idk why.

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    Agreed 100%. The reason I found Season 2 to be stupid is the fact that they left a lot of the plot in the manga to be a complete mystery, not to mention that they made Kaneki join the Aogiri tree. A group that kidnapped him, beat him up, handed him to their leader who tortured him even harder than Hitler's camps and tried to kill him. That part was the stupidest play by the anime team thus far.

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    Agreed. But Tokyo Ghoul had no potential. It wasn't explored the way it should. The protagonist, which is the base of the anime took some decisions that i personally think wasn't what the fans would like to see. And the history is a completely mess. Ghouls that must eat other humans to survive? And the author force us to believe that the fact of the Ghouls living with humans was a good idea was pretty bad.

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    I honestly didn't even like the decision to leave the coffee shop. They did so much for him and he just leaves them. I don't know why the season 2 episode 1 upset me so much but it did and now I refuse to watch season 2.

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    I loved the first season and the direction it was going, but season 2 just pulled a complete 360 and and ruined all the relationships and story that I had seen being built in the first season. So I pretty much ignore season 2 and pretend that season 1 was the end. I REALLY want a reboot of season 2, but BETER

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