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Fukumenkei Noise

Shoujo, Romance, Music

Airing Date:
April 11 2017

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Honey’s Highlights

honey's anime character
Shoujo, Romance, and Music with a love trangle thrown in the mix!? Yessssssssss
honey's anime character
So... School Days, White Album 2, and Kuzu no Honkai if you take out the ecchi/guro?! I don't know how well I could take all of that drama.
honey's anime character
Oh, but Honey-chan the drama!!! The drama!!! Love triangles are always dangerously dramatic! The PV is a bit gothic so I would not be surprised if they made it a bit like Dance with Devils, just no supernatural/ reverse harem aspects.

honey's anime character
Why is no one mentioning Fuuka? I feel like it could fit here if you took out the ecchi too! Plus, they have a band in Fuuka.

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Song-loving Nino experienced two farewells as a child. The first was with Momo, her first love. The second was Yuzu, a young man who composed songs. Nino continues to sing, believing in the promise she exchanged with the two boys: that one day, they would find Nino through her singing voice. Time passes, but what will happen now that these three have become high school students?!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Nino Arisugawa

Voice Actor: Saori Hayami

A first-year high school student. She sings believing that one day, her voice will reach Momo. When she gets too emotional she ends up screaming, so she always wears a mask. Goes at her own pace.

Momo Sakaki

Voice Actor: Kouki Uchiyama

Nino’s childhood friend and first love who moved suddenly, leaving behind the promise the two made. Currently working as a composer under a pen name?! Unfortunately he loves bad puns.

Kanade Yuzuriha (Yuzu)

Voice Actor: Daiki Yamashita

A song-writing young man who met Nino when he was young. As he can’t sing himself, he was drawn to Nino’s voice, and fell in love with her. Guitarist.

Miou Suguri

Voice Actor: Ayahi Takagaki

A member of the light music club. A frank girl. She puts her all into romance, but can’t get Yuzu, who she has one-sided feelings for, to notice her. Vocalist.

Yoshito Haruno (Haruyoshi)

Voice Actor: Daisuke Ono

The president of the light music club. A feminine, handsome guy you can’t help but love, he brings the members together. Secretly has feelings for Miou. Bassist.

Ayumi Kurose (Kuro)

Voice Actor: Jun Fukuyama

A member of the light music club. A Kansai-dialect speaking boy who never stops smiling. It seems as though he’s having a hard time in love…? Drummer.

Other TitleThe Anonymous Noise
-Bootleg- by Mio (Ayahi Tagakagi) " ed_song="Allegro by Nino (Saori Hayami)" adaptation_name="" adaptation_desc="Manga" adaptation_img='' adaptation_awards="" original_creator="Ryouko Fukuyama" director="Hideya Takahashi" assistant_director="" script="" staff1_role="" staff1_name="" staff2_role="" staff2_name="" series_composition="Deko Akao (Hitomi Mieno)" original_illustrator="" character_design="Mariko Itou" animation_director="Mariko Itou, Wakako Shigemoto" sound_director="Takayuki Yamaguchi" music="SADESPER RECORD" staff3_role="" staff3_name="" staff4_role="" staff4_name="" staff5_role="" staff5_name="" website_name="Official Website" website_url=""]

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