Summer RomCom Anime Hajimete no Gal Additional Staff Announced

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Hajimete no Gal

Romance, Comedy

Airing Date:
July 2017


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Hajimete no Gal is a love comedy that begins when Junichi Hashiba, a high schooler troubled about losing his virginity, and with nothing to lose, performs a deep bow and confesses his love to Yukana, a gal in his class. Unexpectedly, the confession of love is a success, but even though she is a gal, she is chaste, and so Junichi is only manipulated by his girlfriend. The wonders and uneasiness of two opposites being together gives birth to drama.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Junichi Hashiba

Voice Actor: Shintarou Asanuma

Junichi is the main character of the series. He has two pieces of hair sticking straight out of his head and is a common boy.

Yukana Hachijo

Voice Actor: Yuki Nagaku

A “white gal” who is in the same class as Junichi. Her blonde ponytail, scrunchie, and her open shirt showing off her ample cleavage are her trademarks.

Ranko Honjou

Voice Actor: Eri Kitamura

Ranko is Junichi’s senpai and actually is old friends with Yukana. If Yukana is a “white gal” then Ranko is a “black gal”. She is a “dangerous” senpai who likes to make passes at Junichi.☆

Yui Kashii

Voice Actor: Ayana Taketatsu

Yui has long, straight black hair. An excellent student, her beauty makes the boys long for her! Yui is in the same class as Juinichi, so sometimes, this neat and tidy girl looks after him. ☆

Shizune Fujinoki

Voice Actor: Yui Ogura

Shizune is Junichi’s childhood friend. She has grown up around him calling him “onii-chan” and adoring him like a little sister. She may be short, but she is growing up steadily in the ways of becoming a woman. ☆

Theme Songs
  • Ending Song: GALteki LOVE by Erabareshi

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Meguru Ueno
  • Director: Hiroyuki Furukawa
  • Assistant Director: Yuuki Ogawa
  • Series Composition: Yuuichirou Momose
  • Character Design: Hiroyuki Furukawa
  • Sound Director: Masakatsu Oomuro
  • Music: Yashikin

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