BL Anime Hitorijime My Hero New Characters & Seiyuu Announced

Hitorijime My Hero

BL, Slice of Life, Romance

Airing Date:
Summer 2017


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“Ever since I lost it, I wanted it. More than anything, I wanted a place to belong and a bond. I hated heroes. Because they never appear before me.”

That is when bad delinquent Masahiro meets Kousuke whose alias is “bear killer”. Masahiro longed for a place to belong where he could cry. Kousuke wanted to open his gentle arms widely rather than have power. Warmth that knows radiant emotion.

He broke the promise that they were going to be together forever, and that is why Kousuke broke it off with Asaya. But, Asaya could not forget about Kousuke. Asaya wants to see Kousuke’s smile one more time.

Their hearts that miss each other, become a bond.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kousuke Ooshiba

Voice Actor: Tomoaki Maeno

Masahiro Setagawa

Voice Actor: Toshiki Masuda

Asaya Hasekura

Voice Actor: Shinnosuke Tachibana

Kensuke Ooshiba

Voice Actor: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Tsuyoshi Manabe

Voice Actor: Yuto Adachi

Mitsuru Fukushige

Voice Actor: Daiki Yamashita

Jirou Yoshida

Voice Actor: Seiichirou Yamashita


Voice Actor: Wataru Hatano

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Heart Signal by Wataru Hatano

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Memeco Arii
  • Director: Yukina Hiiro
  • Series Composition: Yuusei Naruse
  • Character Design: Ayana Nishino
  • Animation Director: Ayana Nishino

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