Pripara 4th Season Announced!

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Idol Time Pripara

Music, Idol, Shoujo

Airing Date:
April 2017

Other Seasons:

Tatsunoko Productions, Dongwoo A&E

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Yui Yumekawa is a 6th grade elementary school student who has dreams of being an idol. She has a cute dream, but she is a normal girl and knows that her dream of being an idol is just a dream. Even her friends tell her “how long are you going to keep dreaming about this?”

Then one day, an idol theme park is announced to be opening up in her town! ! On top of that, Yui hears that finally, Raara, Parajuku’s top idol, is finally going to be coming as well! This only makes her dream even bigger! However,… the person who appears is just some girl in the same grade as her named Raara Manaka.

“Pripara” from Paparajuku has been upgraded and is the new idol system for the series. Can these two girls set forth as idols and, sure enough, accomplish even more?!

Characters & Voice Actors List

Raara Manaka

Voice Actor: Hiimka Akaneya

Laala is a sixth grade elementary student at Paprika Academy. She’s grown up a lot through experiencing many things at the Dream Idol Grand Prix, and is currently a top-class idol. Somehow she’s ended up acting as a mother to Jururu, a baby she happened to meet! Her Charm is Lovely, and her favourite brand is Twinkle Ribbon.

Yui Yumekawa

Voice Actor: Arisa Date

Yui is a sixth-grade elementary school student at the Avocado Academy. She is a bright, friendly girl who loves to dream. She has a very bad habit of daydreaming. Yui daydreams so frequently that she is late to school every single day. She also has a bad habit of saying ‘Yume!’ after everything. She loves rice!

Nino Nijiiro

Voice Actor: You Taichi

Nino is another sixth-grade student at Avocado Academy. She has outstanding reflexes while being bright, neat, and direct. She wears green. Nino is punctual with her greetings, but she tends to shorten or abbreviate them all.

Michiru Kouta

Voice Actor: Yuina Yamada

Michiru is a second-year middle school student at Avocado Academy. She is quite subdued in her personality and does not stand out at all. Michiru has a powerful ability to sense the supernatural but she apparently can see spirits all the time (?) She wears blue, gold and black, and she has a bad habit of saying ‘that’s impossible. No way. No way. No way.’

Other TitlePripara 4th Season

Main Staff
  • Director: Makoto Moriwaki

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