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Märchen Mädchen is the story of “magical stories” that have been scattered all over the Earth. These girls encounter these “magical stories”, are chosen, gain magical powers, and then finally become “magical story users”. This series tells the story of certain Mädchen (girls who are magical story users) who aim to become “magical story users” by spinning their own tales together with the magical stories. This a youthful story of magic and dreams.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Hazuki Kagemura

Voice Actor: Tomoki Kusonoki

Magical Story: Cinderella
Gallant and forward-thinking, she always does her best. An ill-fated girl, she was raised by her stepmother. She was chosen by the magical story, Cinderella.

Shizuka Tsuchimikado

Voice Actor: Rie Suegara

Magical Story: Kaguya-hime (The Tale of Princess Kaguya).
Said to be one of the oldest stories in the world, Kaguya-hime is succeeded by a young woman named Shizuka Tsuchimikado. Serious and proud, she always works hard. As such, she has a tendency to assume the burden for many things. She has a secret love of hamburgers and other junk foods.


Voice Actor:

Magical Story: ???
Kuzunoha Magical Academy Head. Her age unknown, she is a beautiful, bewitching woman who has a tendency to show up unexpectedly. She loves agriculture and open-air baths. She is planning to one day either make a village for herself or colonize an island. Supposedly, she has a shady past that appears to have something to do with Hazuki Kagemura.

Ariko Kazumi

Voice Actor:

Magical Story: Issun-boshi (One-Sun Boy)
Ariko is a full-blown Mädchen who made a contract with the magical story Issun-boshi. The Kazumi family has a lord and retainer relationship with Tsuchimikado family, so Ariko and Shizuka have known each other since they were little. Ariko just looks like a lower-level elementary school student. A lover of dark humor, if you tell her she looks like a child, she will get angry.

Misa Sanada

Voice Actor:

Misa is the daughter of Hazuki’s stepmother from another marriage. She is Hazuki’s one-year-older stepsister. An amateur model who appears in fashion magazines, she is a tall beauty. The complete opposite of Hazuki, she is very happy with her life and has many friends. Misa has a weakness for love stories.

Light Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tomohiro Matsu
  • Director: Hisashi Saitou, Shigeru Ueda
  • Character Design: Yuuki Morikawa

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