Saiyuki RELOAD BLAST Anime Confirmed for Summer 2017!


Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Airing Date:
July 2017

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Shangri-la, a disorderly and peaceful continent where both human and yokai, science and magic coexisted.

This balance was suddenly destroyed by a mysterious “phenomenon” in which yokai, due to The Minus Wave, went on a rampage.

Sanzo’s group, who were headed west in order to put a stop to the Gyumaoh Resurrection Experiment, the cause of all evil, have almost reached India.

However, the closer they get to India, the stronger the influence of the phenomenon, and the battle becomes extremely fierce.

What’s more, standing in Sanzo’s group’s way is a destiny of despair from 500 years ago...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Sanzo Genjo

Voice Actor: Toshihiko Seki

24 years old. The 31st East Asia Sanzo Genjo Buddhist priest. One of the highest priests of which there are only five in Shangri-la. However, he has absolutely no devotion to Buddhism and likes to break commandments by drinking, smoking, and gambling. Although he has a sharp eye and can see through many things, he also hates to lose and can be selfish. He often says, “Die” and “I’ll kill you.”

Goku Son

Voice Actor: Souichirou Hoshi

19 years old. A heretic who is not human, yokai, or god, who was born from a rock on the summit of Mount Huaguo that had gathered the energy of the land. He committed a great sin in the past and was sealed away in a prison of rock for 500 years, but was released by Sanzo. He is cheerful, pure, and honest. You could say he’s simple. He has a bottomless stomach, and is always saying, “I’m hungry.”

Gojyo Sha

Voice Actor: Hiroaki Hirata

23 years old. A half-human half-yokai, which is considered taboo in Shangri-la. He’s a womaniser and a critic who likes to put on airs, but because he is surprisingly kind and looks out for others, he often ends up drawing the short straw. He’s always having childish fights with Goku in which he ends up being called strange nicknames such as “pervy kappa” and “cockroach kappa.”

Hakkai Cho

Voice Actor: Akira Ishida

23 years old. A man who was once human but, after killing a thousand yokai in the name of revenge and being bathed in their blood, became a yokai himself. He generally dislikes conflict and has a laid-back, accommodating personality. On the other hand, he’s terrifying when he’s angry, and so the other three try not to make him mad at all costs. He’s kind of like the secret delinquent leader of Sanzo’s group.


Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kazuya Minekura
  • Director: Hideaki Nakano
  • Series Composition: Kenji Konuta
  • Character Design: Youko Satou

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