Seinen Supernatural Spring Anime Seikaisuru KADO Reveals Honey's Hightlights!

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Seikaisuru Kado

Supernatural, Psychological, Seinen

Airing Date:
April 7, 2017

Toei Animation

Honey’s Highlights

honey's anime character
Oh wow. This looks a bit like Ajin but with less violence and more puzzles!
honey's anime character
I think this is a perfect Seinen anime. It reminds me a bit of Occultic;Nine. Clearly for once, this anime is not going to spell everything out for us. We are gunna have to think.
honey's anime character
Hmmm I am getting a bit of Kaji or even Phi Brain: Kami Puzzle of God. Don't forget that we don't know if humanity is going to be attacked or spared.

honey's anime character
In that case, then Kara no Kyoukai (The Garden of Sinners) might fit well here too. Just hold back on the violence.

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Seikai Suru Kado is a continuation of Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled from Paradise.

Koujirou Shindou is a brilliant negotiation official working within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He finds himself at Haneda Airport waiting the plane he has boarded to finish preparations for takeoff, when all of a sudden, a mysterious and enormous cube appears in the sky. The ‘cube’ rapidly expands and all 252 passengers aboard this aircraft are all sucked into the cube. The cube is called ‘Kado’. Once inside of ‘Kado’, a strange creature appears and YAHA-KUI ZASHUNINA. YAHA-KUI is attempting to make contact with humanity. Suddenly, Shindou, who himself has been sucked into ‘Kado’, now finds himself forced to be the mediator between YAHA-KUI and humanity. Meanwhile on the outside, the official representative of the Japanese Government and International Negotiations Officer, Saraka Tsukai, is dispatched to the location as well. What and who exactly is YAHA-KUI ZASHUNINA? And what is he after?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Koujirou Shindou

Voice Actor: Hiroaki Miura

Koujirou is a 30 year old who works as the head administrative official for UN Policy Division in the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is a go-getter negotiator who has solved various challenges up till now. He firmly believes in taking in both sides of the argument which has garnered him great respect from both his subordinates and superiors.


Voice Actor: Takuma Terajima

YAHA-KUI is the existence who came from the giant massive, mysterious cube Kado that appeared above the skies of Haneda Airport. He appears to be human in appearance, but his true form is unknown. His common knowledge differs from humans on Earth.

Saraka Tsukai

Voice Actor: M.A.O.

When the Japanese government has to send someone to negotiate with YAHA-KUI ZASHUNINA, 24-year-old Saraka from the International Negotiations Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is dispatched as the representative. She is serious in nature, but at her core, she is gentle.

Shun Hanamori

Voice Actor: Souma Saitou

Shun works as a subordinate to Koujirou within the UN Policy Division for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is 26 years old. Sometimes due to his age, Shun can be a bit overenthusiastic, but at his core, he is serious and diligent.

Shuuhei Asano

Voice Actor: Kenji Akabane

Shuuhei is an Executive Assistant Lieutenant to the National Public Safety Commission Secretary for the National Police Agency. 30 years old. Shuuhei is a classmate of Koujirou’s from college, and moves toward handling this unprecedented incident as a representative of the government.

Other TitleKADO: The Right Answer
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Tabiji by Saraka Tsukai starring M.A.O
  • Ending Song: Eien no Kotae by HARUCA

Main Staff
  • Director: Kazuya Murata
  • Assistant Director: Masaki Watanabe
  • Script: Mado Nozaki
  • Character Design: Aco Arisaka
  • Sound Director: Yukio Nagasaki
  • Music: Taro Iwashiro

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