Summer Fantasy Adventure Anime Shoukoku no Altair Gets Two New PVs!

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Shokoku no Altair

Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen

Airing Date:
July 8 2017


Honey’s Highlights

honey's anime character
So here we have an anime about a boy called Mahmut, who is the youngest general in the history of Turkiye... This will be a serious military adventure anime.
honey's anime character
This. Looks. EPIC. I'm getting some serious Arslan Senki and Akatsuki no Yona vibes from this, I'm so pumped.
honey's anime character
Sounds like it could be similar to Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin, too, if there's lots of tactics talk. The setting seems similar to Kingdom, too.
honey's anime character
Mahmut is so cute, trying to protect everyone! I can't wait to see what adventures he gets up to... I just hope this won't have any tragedy.

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This story is set in a world that does not exist and has not existed until now. Here, the generals referred to as “the government” rule over the prairies and deserts that make up the country Turkiye. The country of Turkiye is a stratocracy; a country ruled by the military.

12 years ago, the neighboring Empire of Baltrhein went to war with Turkiye. There, young Mahmut lost his mother. Dreaming of a once again peaceful country, he becomes the youngest general in the history of Turkiye.

However, jealous of the vast fortunes that Turkiye has amassed, the Empire once again begins to invade in hopes of retuning the wealth to Baltrhein.

With his partner, Iskandar Tugril, an eagle, can Mahmut, amid a swirling vortex of conspiracies and schemes threatening to tear him apart, cross-nationally lead his country back to a state of peace?

--- At the threshold of ideal and reality, what actions will he take?

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Ayumu Murase

The main character of the series. Mahamut is the youngest general Turkiye has ever seen. This genius young boy has climbed the ranks to his position at the tender age of 17. Disliking fighting, he runs around trying to prevent war. He brings his partner golden eagle Iskandar Tugril with him wherever he goes.


Voice Actor: Makoto Furukawa

Zaganos is one of the 13 generals of Turkiye and is the head of the Military Affairs Administration. He rules over one of the 13 provinces of the country. When it comes to the stubborn Baltrhein Empire, he advocates resisting till the bitter end. Cool-headed, he is willing to throw away even his subordinates.


Voice Actor: KENN

Kyros is the son of the mayor of Phoenicia. He cannot stand his father who is obsessed with maintaining his political power. Kyros detests the thought of following in his father’s footsteps from the bottom of his heart. At the invitation of Sleiman, he becomes the Kurakk of Phoenicia.


Voice Actor: Katsuyuki Konishi

Sleiman is the head of the secret spy network for Turkiye known as Eyes and Ears or “Gyoz and Kurakk”. Under the orders of Zaganos, Sleiman created Gyoz and Kurakk. Just like Mahamut, Sleiman takes his golden eagle Katerina which is of the same bird family as Tugril, with him wherever he goes.


Voice Actor: Kenjiou Tsuda

Rui is the head cabinet minister of the Baltrhein Empire. Ingenuous and resourceful, Rui is a genius capable of anticipating the opponent’s next move. He has readied every sort of scheme and plot in the event that other countries attempt to raid expanded by the help of the patriots of the empire.


Voice Actor: Kenichi Ogata

Kahlil is just like Zaganos in that he is one of the 13 generals of Turkiye and he oversees the 7th Province. Of all of the generals, he is the most senior. He is Mahamut’s teacher and he has guided and taught Mahamut how a general ought to be.

Other TitleProject Altair
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Rasen no Yume by Sid
  • Ending Song: Taiyou no Elegy by Flower

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kotono Katou
  • Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi
  • Assistant Director: Takashi Igari
  • Series Composition: Noboru Takagi
  • Character Design: Toshiyuki Kanno
  • Sound Director: Eriko Kimura
  • Music: Ryou Kawasaki

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