Studio Gokumi Original Anime Toji no Miko Reveals Story and First Four Main Characters!

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Toji no Miko

Supernatural, Action

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Studio Gokumi

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From ancient times, shrine maidens using swords have exorcised grotesque creatures known as “aratama” (Wild Souls) when they have menaced the human world. Mainly dressed in sailor uniforms and equipped with a sword, these girls are known as “Toji”. They are formally known as being a part of the police as the “special ritual riot squad.” These girls have been given official permission to carry these swords as government officials, and most of these Toji are female students attending five different training schools throughout the country. These girls lead out their average lives as high school students, but sometimes official duties call, and with sword in hand, these girls demonstrate supernatural powers by fighting to protect humanity.

This spring,

Toji from the five schools are gathered, and using each of their abilities to fight, the customary tournament is coming up. As the tournament approaches, many, many Toji are zealously training, and noticeably hiding her strong feelings, one girl is working hard on polishing one ability. But where does the point of her well-honed blade face?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Kanami Etou

Voice Actor:

Kanami is a second-year student in the middle school division of Minoseki Academy and is 13 years old. Her sword is Chidori. She has a talent for the sword, and even though she is only a middle school student, she has the skills to be the representative of her school. Bright and forward-thinking, she has many friends. Kanami is a bit of a sword technique nut and as such, when she starts talking about it, her eyes start to change colors. Asleep or awake, she is only thinking about training. Even in her dreams, she is training. She especially loves matches and looks forward greatly to seeing her opponent’s excellent skills and schemes.

Hyori Juujou

Voice Actor:

Hiyori is a 14-year-old, third-year student in the middle school division of Hiragi Gakukan. Her sword is Kogarasumaru. Serious and cool, she is rather stoic. More than anyone else, her sense of responsibility as a Toji is strong, and she has a strong will to the point that once she makes a decision, she will not change her mind. Hiyori will not forgiver herself or others for compromising, and therefore she tends to be misunderstood often. The speed at which she is able to brandish her sword has made her one of the preeminent Toji.

Mai Yanase

Voice Actor:

Mai is a 13-year-old second-year middle school student at Minoseki Academy. Her sword is Magoroku Kanemoto. Mai is the daughter of the representative for the rising enterprise Yanase Group. She has two younger sisters. She looks after others well as an older sister and thinks of her friends often. She is ranked as the strongest Toji in her academy and is a hard worker. Her hobby is making sweets. She is confident in her cookies.

Sayaka Itomi

Voice Actor:

Sayaka is a 12-year-old first-year middle school student within Kamabu Girls Academy. Her sword is Myouhou Muramasa. Even though she is young, she is a genius Toji who has the fastest sword-brandishing speed. She masters any duty she is given, but she has a hard time communicating with those around her.


Main Staff
  • Director: Koudai Kakimoto
  • Series Composition: Tatsuya Takahashi
  • Character Design: Yoshinori Shizuma

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