Top 10 Cool Boku no Hero Academia Characters

The new shounen that was so good it's already got a second season in the bag, Boku no Hero Academia surpassed expectations with it's great story arcs and a fantastic cast of heroes. With the way that Quirks work in the show, being so unique and vastly changing the appearance of some heroes, the creators have been able to make incredibly varied characters, that you would normally see introduced over many arcs, all just thrown in right from the get go. It's one of the things that allowed the series to get right into the excitement, after one training arc at least, and really opened up the audience to include even those who would not normally watch shounen titles.

If it seems like we're going off on one about the characters from Boku no Hero Academia then you would be correct, we think they're awesome and that's why we're giving you a list of them. When it comes to shounen series you'll often read about the strongest characters or the strongest moves, but this isn't just a shounen series, it's a superhero series, and what's an important trait all of the best superheroes have? They're all seriously cool. Like, "I wanna be that guy" level cool. So have a read below, to see who we think are the top 10 coolest Boku no Hero Academia characters.

10. Ochako Uraraka

Bouncy and bubbly, Ochako is so positive and lively that her enthusiasm alone can push others into action. Despite her outgoing and often silly outward persona, when she needs to be Ochako can be incredibly serious and determined, as demonstrated in the Quirk Apprehension Test and attack on USJ arcs. As someone who's kind of whacky, it's interesting to see her go up against and work with some of the more solemn and mature members of 1-A, and somehow manage to match their level.

Ochako does not come off as being naturally cool, although her hero costume does look somewhat like a pink Megaman. She does get some really awesome moments, though, when she's not floating away somewhere or throwing up. She uses her powers incredibly well, like using a pillar as a baseball bat and destroying robots by just dropping them from the sky. Although not a natural bad-ass like some heroes Ochako is a pretty cool gal for someone so silly.

9. Tsuyu Asui

Cute, wide-eyed Tsuyu is the quick-witted frog girl of the class. While at first Tsuyu doesn't stand out quite as much as some characters, it quickly becomes obvious that she's got a good head on her shoulders and is a pretty capable fighter. On top of that with her skin tight hero suit and large chest, she's already built up quite a significant fanbase.

Tsuyu's sociable attitude and common sense when it comes to fighting make her a really cool person just to be around. As she doesn't have the intense, colder personality that some other characters have, she's really easy to get on with and generally just a very likeable person. The fact that she comes off as normal and sensible considering here Quirk and the people around her is one of the things that makes her stand out most.

8. Tenya Iida

Always playing by the rules, Tenya is the goody two-shoes president of class 1-A. With his tendency to do things by the book, Tenya is proficient at getting on the some of the more laid back students' nerves, although he does prove to be incredibly useful in times of panic. His calm and calculating demeanor make him the perfect leader type, he just needs a little more self-confidence with the role.

Although starting off as the nerd of the class and very rigid, Tenya loosens up as the series goes on and he gets used to the rest of the class, realising how he also has a lot to learn. His logical thinking and desire to lead, turn him into a figure of authority among the other students and someone to look to when everything goes tits up. Apart from his personality, his knight-like hero suit is very cool, and perfectly reflects his personality, as well as his Engine Quirk turning him into some kind of kick-ass mecha-knight.

7. Momo Yaoyorozu

Proving to be by far the most battle-ready of the girls, Momo is incredibly versatile in the field due to her Creation Quirk allowing her to create any non-living object. As long as she's had enough to eat anyway. Momo's hero suit's main purpose is to reveal as much skin as possible, allowing her to use her Quirk more easily, though it does feel like there may be an ulterior motive to that.

Momo's fighting style is truly impressive to see given that she generally uses basic hand held weapons against opponents with much stronger physical Quirks than her. In fact due to her strategic thinking and intelligence, she managed to rank first in the Quirk Apprehension Test. With her strength as a hero, along with her warrior princess like attire, Momo is the coolest girl in 1-A.

6. Fumikage Tokoyami

Sadly Fumikage hasn't had much screen time just yet, though what we have seen has been pretty nice so far. Like the other more powerful heroes, Fumikage remains calm under pressure and seems to possess a quick mind and combat experience, allowing him to easily take enemies down from the shadows. His appearance as a mutation-type Quirk user is also very interesting, with his bird head making him the class member with the least human appearance.

With a serious and cooperative manner, as well as powerful defensive and offensive capabilities with his Quirk Dark Shadow, Fumikage is an amazing teammate to fight alongside. He's not just cool, but respectable a person and as a hero. More importantly his dark, raven like visage with his bird head and dark cloak looks sick, his Quirk completing the ensemble. Seriously the dude summons a raven shadow from his body for crying out loud.

5. Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki is the explosive rival and polar opposite to Boku no Hero Academia's lead, Midoriya. Despite his bad attitude and overwhelming arrogance, he desires to become a hero more than most, with his fervor constantly pushing him to reach the top. His explosion Quirk perfectly matches his explosive and chaotic personality, as well as packing a seriously powerful punch for a hero-in-training.

With his unrelenting, almost berserk-like fighting style, along with his ever destructive Quirk, watching Katsuki wreak havoc is always awesome. Although he can come off as stupid or rather lacking in common sense at times, Katsuki's will to keep pushing forward is seriously cool, with no foe able to break his hardened resolve. Whether it's buckets full of self-confidence or plain old insanity, Katsuki is a bad ass on the battlefield.

4. Shouto Todoroki

Wielding the opposing powers of fire and ice, Todoroki is likely 1-A's most powerful member, though he hasn't received a whole lot of screen time just yet. Todoroki is one of the most relaxed members of the class during lessons, probably due to being so powerful that even the villains can't touch him. Though maybe relaxed isn't quite right, rather he keeps to himself, and tends to only speak when he feels it's necessary.

Todoroki's powerful, lone wolf aura coupled with his intense appearance makes him instantly cool without him really having to do anything. His power itself is awesome as well, or rather powers, with two in one ice and fire that wrecks most of his classmates. What makes him really stand out amongst his peers though is the authority he holds when he speaks, as if others being weaker than him is to be expected.

3. Izuku Midoriya

Boku no Hero Academia's short and weak protagonist Midoriya is most certainly the person who wants to become a hero most of all. With his new Quirk having fairly limited uses at the moment, Midoriya is simultaneously the weakest of the heroes and one of the strongest, a very odd position to be in. The fact that his power is so all over the place, however, is what makes it so interesting, which part of Midoriya's body will break today?

Okay so in many ways Midoriya is both very cool, and very lame at the same time, as is the curse of shounen protagonists who must rise to the top. Much like his teacher All Might, Midoriya's drive to be a hero and help people is the coolest thing about him, pushing him to perform awesome feats to save his friends and classmates. So despite his internal whining and crying, Midoriya's courageous side always shows through when the time is right.

2. Shouta Aizawa

Both a dedicated teacher and overwhelmingly lazy, in Aizawa's opinion, you either do something well, or you don't do it at all. When not being be a sleeping bag caterpillar, Aizawa is one of the city's top heroes, Eraserhead, with his ability to temporarily erase other people's Quirks being both unique and powerful. Despite his uncouth appearance and harsh attitude, as a hero, Aizawa still prioritises his students safety above all.

When he's not just being straight up tired, Aizawa looks like a total badass, with his crazy long hair, cloth covering half his face, and that sick visor. He's got the "looks like a bad guy but is actually a good guy" vibe going on which is always cool. Aizawa's cold determination to look after the kids is impressive as well, and although he doesn't give pretty speeches about heroism or being the good guy, he fights until he's literally crushed into the floor to keep everyone safe.

1. All Might

The ultimate hero, always brave and righteous, reassuring the world that it's in safe hands, All Might. Super fast, super strong, super handsome, All Might's powers may not be as weird or interesting as some of the other heroes', but they're powerful enough to make him number one. Even now with his powers fading, All Might remains a symbol of justice and safety among the public and heroes alike, and someone for villains to live in fear of.

All Might's crazy powerful Quirk by itself makes him come off as one of the cooler characters, but what stands out most is his personality. Despite seeing his weaker side and the problems he now faces due to his injury, All Might never stops fighting for what he believes in and protecting people. Even when he can no longer move, he still stands between evil and the defenseless till the very end, one of the coolest things a hero can do.

Final Thoughts

So those were the coolest heroes of Boku no Hero Academia. Although there's already a great host of characters in the show, with just the one season out so far we really don't know enough about everyone to easily make judgements yet. Still, there were some that really stood out regardless of the number of lines they got, like Todoroki and Fumikage.

So who have your favourite heroes been so far? Do you prefer the always cool All Might and Aikawas, or the rising stars like Midoriya and Ochako? We love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment down below!



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