Top 10 Hottest Anime Girls

Aside from the interesting stories or the anime being based on a popular franchise, the main draw of every anime or manga is the beautiful cast of characters. It’s hard to pick up a show if the cast are poorly drawn or the characters don’t show their cleavage or a lot of skin in some way. Sure there are a lot of exceptions (cute characters attract an audience, too), and some prefer the premise of the plot, but usually it’s the beautiful women that get us interested.

There are lots to pick from and in order to narrow it down to just 10, I selected these girls based on popularity and if you read my previous articles, I added a couple of my own personal picks and I hope one of these girls may encourage you to check out their shows.

Just a little disclaimer though: objectively explaining something from a topic that is purely subjective is oxymoronic. Just saying.

10. Yoko Littner — Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

A girl with almost no background history, Yoko first appeared at Jeeha Village and helped Kamina and Simon beat a stray gunmen. Over the course of the series, Yoko is a core member of Team Gurren who provides long-range support and is Kamina’s first love interest. She is skilled with her rifle and can pilot a gunmen.

Yoko has very long red hair, amber eyes, large breasts despite her young age, usually wears scarf, a two-piece consisting of a flame-patterned bikini top and leather shorts with a large white studded belt.

09. Matsumoto Rangiku — Bleach

Rangiku is one of the few people that can get your attention in a society filled with people wearing funeral garbs daily. Seriously, these people doesn’t understand fashion. It’s a Soul-less Society, if you ask me. *ahem*

Rangiku is an easygoing girl who loves to drink and oftentimes slacks off to avoid tedious paperwork. Despite her gift of having large breasts and not being the most modest person around, she complains about them to everyone, often with embarrassing results. While she’s probably not the most charming girl out there and has a tendency to slack off, she is a formidable fighter and strategist. She’s not the 10th Division’s lieutenant and Hitsugaya Toushiro’s right hand for nothing.

08. Wakasa Yuuri — Gakkou Gurashi!

Young, beautiful, and mature, Wakasa Yuuri is one of the survivors and president of the School Living Club. She manages everything from rationing food, water, power, staging some club activities and give out lessons. She is also the group’s mother figure providing moral and mental support.

Yuuri has long brown hair reaching her waist, amber-brown-ish eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye. She rarely shows off her figure and the only time you’ll see her with less clothes is in episode 8.

07. Shibuki Ran — Aikatsu!

Shibuki Ran is one of the three main characters in Aikatsu! She is a sexy-type idol and supermodel and she wears evocative dresses prepared by her designer at Spicy Ageha with butterflies as a main motif. She has long legs, long auburn hair that extends to her knees, and amethyst-coloured eyes.

She has a no-nonsense attitude, is independent and a professional model. In the first few episodes she was very distant, almost lone wolf-like, and treated everyone as a potential rival at Starlight Academy. Her beauty and her professional attitude earned her the nickname “The Beautiful Blade.”

06. Fate Testarossa — Magical Lyrical Nanoha Series

Brooding, serious, and determined, Fate is a scythe-wielding mage that was tasked with searching for Jewel Seeds and is the archrival of Takamachi Nanoha.

Like every character in the series that took design cues from the Gundam franchise, Fate is the Char Aznable, the blonde archrival of Nanoha and her black barrier jacket and choice of weapon closely resembles Gundam Deathscythe of Gundam Wing.

05. Kashiwazaki Sena — Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Beautiful, smart, athletic, and rich, Sena is one of the most popular girls at school. The guys ogle her, and she is envied by her female peers. Due to her immense popularity among the guys and good looks, she has no female friends. Despite having everything a girl could want, all she wants is to have true friends, and so she joins the Neighbor’s Club.

Sena is well-endowed, with long blonde hair, a blue butterfly hair accessory, and light-blue eyes. Her build is rather plump and with her large pair of breasts, she is often mocked by club member Mikazuki Yozora who calls her “Meat.”

04. Nibutani Shinka — Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Shinka is currently her school’s freshman year representative, as well as a cheerleader and is one of the school’s beauty queens. Due to her sweet and charming personality, talents and natural attractiveness, she is admired by everyone of both genders. Behind that charming personality, however, hides a dark secret from her middle school days — she’s a chuunibyou, or a youth with middle school syndrome.

Shinka is a very attractive girl of an average build, with long light brown hair, a big pink hairclip on her bangs and orange eyes. While she’s a very popular girl, she is more concerned about hiding her chuunibyou sickness and keeping her public image as that of a normal girl more than anything.

03. Kaede Sakura — Kampfer

Sakura is this obsessive girl who has the hots for female Senou Natsuru, and will go to great lengths just to get from first base to home plate, while completely having zero interest in male Senou Natsuru. Little does Natsuru and the rest of the Kampfer know that Sakura is more than what meets the eye.

Sakura has long light brown hair with light blue eyes, an average build and cup size. Despite her happy and friendly demeanor, she is a proficient fighter and dual wields a sword and gun ash her arsenal of choice.

02. Busujima Saeko — Highschool of the Dead

One of the very few survivors of Fujimi High School, Saeko is a third year student and the captain of the school’s kendo club. She teams up with a small band of survivors led by Komuro Takeshi as they struggle to survive in the zombie apocalypse. Saeko is a strong melee combatant, proficient with a blade due to her kendo experience, and is one of the most skilled and reliable fighters in the group.

Saeko has long purple hair, purple (sometimes blue) eyes, very long limbs and is well-endowed (fans sometimes call her breasts “torpedo t**s”). Even though she has the qualities of a no nonsense individual trained to use blades, she is in fact a kind, caring, and reliable person.

01. Cthuko — Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

Cthuko is a female Cthughan from the alien world Cthugua (imagine the name confusion) who takes the form of a soft-spoken teenage girl. Her main hobby is playing video games and her main love interest is Nyaruko, an alien of a different species. She mainly provides perverted comedic relief with Nyaruko involved. Despite her perverted and gamer-centric nature, she is a capable fighter and uses the power of fire. That alone makes Cthuko hot!

Her true form is unknown, but she always takes the form of a slender human girl. She has long red twin tails, with red eyes. She’s sometimes seen with no clothes and her body is covered with flame-like marks.

Let’s be frank here, all anime girls are hot. They are all made that way. The authors and creators behind them designed the girls to the most perfect women in the universe, so picking 10 out of thousands is very difficult.

I just hope that this top 10 will give you a glimpse at the many beautiful women anime has to offer. Even though they don’t exist.

Let us know about your favourite hot anime girl in the comments below.

Antoine Rizal


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