Comedy Anime Warau Salesman Reveals 2 New PVs!!

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Warau Salesman NEW


Airing Date:
April 3 2017

TMS Entertainment

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My name is Fukuzou Moguro, but people call me the laughing salesman. However, I am not your average salesman. You see, the products I deal with are hearts. When I say that, I mean human hearts.

You see, in this world, there are nothing but people with sad hearts whether they be old, young, male, female, or anything inbetween. So what I do, is I am here to fill the holes in the hearts of everyone.

Oh no, I could not possibly ask for a single cent of money. My payment is seeing the satisfaction of my customers. Now then, I wonder what today’s customer is going to be like?

Characters & Voice Actors List

Fukuzou Moguro

Voice Actor: Tesshou Genda

Fukuzou is a mystery man covered in all black. He is a strange salesman who fills the holes in the hearts of his customers. He does not take a single cent of payment and grants the wishes of people with lonely, sad hearts.


Voice Actor: No Voice Actor

Master is the owner of a bar called ‘BAR Ma no Ten’ that Fukuzou goes to often. He does not speak, but rather is always silently polishing glasses.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Don’t by NakamuraEmi
  • Ending Song: Don! Yararechatta Fushi by Junji Takada

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Fujiko Fujio (A)
  • Director: Hirofumi Ogura
  • Script: Naohiro Fukushima, Asami Ishikawa, Midori Natsu
  • Character Design: Fujio Suzuki
  • Animation Director: Fujio Suzuki
  • Sound Director: Kouichi Iizuka
  • Music: Kouhei Tanaka

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